Welcome to Power-Filled Prayer

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Welcome to Power-Filled Prayer

We are so excited to have you visit our site. It is our prayer that the resources, tools and testimonies provided here will empower you to transform your life and the lives of the people around you.

One of the last things Jesus requested of His disciples before His crucifixion was that they spend time in prayer with Him. It is our sincere belief that even now Jesus is beckoning to His Bride, His church to spend time in prayer. Unfortunately we have become so overwhelmed with the trivia of day to day life that we fail to make this call to prayer a priority. Then we ask ourselves why our ministries are weak, failing and ineffective and our spiritual lives lack fervency. We invite you to take the next forty days to plunge into the Word of God and prayer. Now get started…..Kingdom life is awaiting


To provide God's people with spiritual ammunition for victorious Kingdom Living


    Restoration of the Body of Christ to a powerful wonder-working prepared Bride.

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